We believe that Virtual Worlds and Virtual Reality can enable new paradigms of collaboration, learning, cooperative endeavors, co-location, and consultation among people. We also believe that a virtual conference center can contribute greatly to the successful development of virtual worlds. Whereas much of the space in a virtual world like Decentraland may be a dense urban reality, or private property, an open, spacious and inviting Conference Center can encourage people to meet, think deeply, converse well, and consult about projects and the future, not only for Decentraland, but for the development of human potential and the future of civilization.


The mission of the Decentraland Conference Center is to be the premier venue in Decentraland for meetings and conferences, for its members and the broader Decentraland community, as well as a place where outside organizations can make use of virtual reality for their conferences and meetings.

The Decentraland Conference Center will be a welcoming place in Decentraland where we can consult about its development and future, and about how our work, creativity and play in Decentraland can bring benefits both in-world and in the physical world.

We also provide office and business space for those that want to establish a presence in the Conference Center.

Description and Location of the District

The Decentraland Conference Center will be in a natural, semi-forested setting in the northern part of Genesis City.  It sits on the north side of the north central plaza in Genesis City, with the University to the West and the Forest to the North. It is also situated between two largest districts — Vegas is farther to the West, and Aetheria, the cyberpunk district, farther to the East.

The Conference Center is a place where:

  • People and organizations can host meetings, or visit for tranquility and thought.
  • Ideas can be discussed in an atmosphere of trust and unity.
  • Conferences, meetings, talks, workshops and classes can be held.
  • Service projects and virtual world initiatives can be conceived and developed.
  • Consultation and mediation can be hosted.
  • Organizations and people that want to be located in the conference can rent space.

We are creating a place where there is curiosity and openness to the exploration of the role of virtual reality in the development of civilization, in new paradigms of education and of governance, in the life of society, and in the development of the individual and community.

Visitors and participants are welcome to bring a wealth of diverse world views, including those of a spiritual nature. Conversations about the spiritual aspects of our experience are welcome. The space may be used for private or group worship, among other activities. But this is not a place of proselytizing or religious debate, nor of disparaging the views of others. Although this is not a Baha’i facility, we wish to acknowledge that its principles have been inspired by Baha’i teachings, and that the lotus temple is patterned after the Baha’i temple in New Delhi as a central place for all visitors.

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