Credits and Attributions

This is to provide credits and attributions for models and other content that may be used on our website or in the Conference Center VR experience

Items licensed from Carl Fravel

Created by io / Ng Jowie

  • Modular Building Pack
  • Nature Pack
  • Trees
  • Small Amphitheater
  • Plaza Canopies
  • Unity Cafe and its Furniture
  • Main Entrance Arch
  • Signs
  • etc.

Created by CyberMike / Mikey Dent

  • Large Amphitheater
  • Sakura and other trees

Created by KJ Walker and her team

Grand Auditorium

Created by FireFoxG Hunter Fox

Meeting Center
Corporate Complex

Created by Rosa Alekseev

Theme party decorations for the Cafe – Women’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Naw Ruz party, etc.

Music Licensed through ASCAP

All Music played in the Conference Center is licensed through ASCAP, digital license #400008075, for Decentraland Virtual World Venues, by Applied-Talent LLC, operator of the Conference Center.

Bird Sounds  10:00:491
— pdc4tune

Items Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY)

  • Human Figures by Konta Johanna
  • Street Sign Pack, by Winter Player
  • Various other items from CG Trader and TurboSquid