Covid-19 Pandemic 3D Interactive Data Visualization Tool Implemented in the Conference Center

We used Decentraland as the platform for a submission to the Planetwide SOS Hackathon, and put the working experience of it into the Conference Center!

Hackathon submission:



Decentraland POC / Demo:

Building Virtual Reality Scenes in Decentraland

Here is a free course from the Decentraland University VR Academy, on Building Virtual Reality Scenes in Decentraland

It introduces all the basic skills you need to become a capable builder, from the beginning. This document contains the course materials, links to video recordings of the live class sessions from the inaugural offering of the course, the assignments, and a link to the Discord server of the Decentraland University, in which the VR Academy channels support interaction between the students, alumni, and instructor.

Carl Fravel offers Virtual Talk – Introduction to Decentraland – May 17

Carl Fravel, founder of the Decentraland Conference Center, will be giving an introductory talk about Decentraland, in Decentraland, with a focus on how it works and how it can be used as a platform for a wide variety of projects.

This talk is primarily provided for the participants in the global “Planet Wide Hackathon” sponsored by CryptoChicks and The Builder Collective – a network of hackathons from around the world focused on projects of benefit to humanity. This talk is for the many people among this network of hackathons that are new to Decentraland, and may want to use it as a platform for their initiatives.

But anyone new to Decentraland or who is looking to network with projects that could use Decentraland should feel welcome to come, to learn, to network, to bring your colleagues.

Sunday May 17, 12:00 PM EDT, 4:00 PM UTC
Location: Decentraland (virtual) Conference Center – Meeting Center north room,111&realm=artemis-blue

For more information about the hackathon nework and contest, visit:

If you are new to Decentraland, come early and take the introductory Decentraland tutorial – – “Get Started”.
Then visit the talk at the meeting center linked above.

Conference Center to Host Planet-Wide Hackathon Opening Ceremonies

The Decentraland Conference Center will be the virtual venue for the hosting of the opening ceremonies of the Hackathon.

CryptoChicks and DAOstack have combined forces to create a global network of hackathons working to bring solutions to global and local problems, to benefit humanity.

Planet Wide Hackathon-SOS (Share our Strength) is a virtual event created by the community partnership of CryptoChicks and DAOStack with help of dozens of technical communities across the globe to develop solutions to heal our world in crisis. We are uniting all involved leaders, partners and communities into a digital cooperative The Builder Collective to make funding decisions together. As of today we have applications from 25 countries: USA, Russia, Bahamas, Colombia, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, India, Latvia, Romania, Philippines, Singapore, Afghanistan, Belarus, and Canada. So, it’s already been well received. What will it be like by May 29 when we launch!

Opening Keynotes, Panels, Speakers and Sessions on the weekend of May 29-31 will be held at the Conference Center, so they can be attended from anywhere in the world without travel.

Schedule details for the weekend will be shared soon, but the overall calendar for the Planet-Wide Hackathon is:

Additional informaton:

Hackathon website is
Directions to the Conference Center:
Media Kit
The Builder Collective

Conference Center Hosts Decentraland’s First Fashion Show – Sat Apr 18, 11:00pm UTC

The Grand Theater at the Conference Center will be the venue for the first Fashion Show and Fashion Contest in Decentraland.

When: 11:00 PM UTC, Saturday April 11, 2020

Where: The Grand Theater in the Decentraland Conference Center
Use this realm URL:,111&realm=zeus-xanthic

See more information at:

And it is a contest – there will be prizes!

And for course you can join us for Dancing and Social with DJ Rosa at the Cafe both Saturday (5PM UTC) and Sunday (10PM UTC)

CoinFest 2020 Held Virtually in the Decentraland Conference Center

Not to be stopped easily, the CoinFest 2020 international convention moved to a virtual venue this year — Decentraland. The Decentraland Conference Center hosted the presentations on Apr 4, including:
* Chain Guardians
* Lightning Network
* Ethermon
* Introduction to Decentraland
* GeoCoin
* Orbiter 8

And of course we went dancing during the break and after the conference sessions ended….

Naw Ruz party with DJ Rosa Spinning Music for Dancing

Happy Naw Ruz!
DJ Rosa spins music at the Conference Center Cafe in celebration of Naw Ruz (Baha’i New Year)
Guaranteed a Virus-free Virtual Venue!
Sunday March 22, 3 PM PST = 5 PM CST = 10 PM UTC,94&realm=hermes-xanthic
Bring your dancing shoes, and a friend!

DJ Rosa Spins Music for Dancing at the Cafe

Happy St Patrick’s Day Weekend
DJ Rosa spins music at the Conference Center Cafe
Guaranteed a Virus-free Virtual Venue!
Saturday March 14 10 AM PST = Noon CST = 6PM UTC
Sunday March 15, 3 PM PST = 5 PM CST = 11PM UTC,94&realm=hermes-xanthic
Bring your dancing shoes, and a friend!

Decentraland Conference Center Grand Opening Feb 29, Mar 1

Mark you Calendars, Join the Party!

Come see the Grand Opening of the Decentraland Conference Center!

  • Live Music with DJ Rosa
  • Guided tours of the facilities
  • Office Hours

Saturday Feb 29 and Sunday March 1

Decentraland Conference Center

Door Prize Raffle Time Window (UTC):
For those who click on the guest book at the cafe between these hours
Sat Feb 29 at 6 PM UTC and Mon Mar 2 at 2 AM UTC
Your Ethereum address will be put into the raffle, and ten of you will win a limited edition Decentraland wearable. Entries outside this window will be ignored. Duplicate entries will only be counted once.