Leadership team for the Decentraland Conference Center assembled

The leadership team for the Decentraland Conference Center now consists of

  • Carl Fravel, District Leader and Chief Executive Officer
  • Ben Snipes, General Counsel
  • Lynette Wilson, Director of Operations and Marketing
  • Gretchen Krutz, Director of Design
  • Rob Dixon, Independent Board Member

799 Parcels of Land were contributed to the Decentraland Conference Center

By the deadline in December, over 60 people had contributed a total of 799 parcels of land to the Decentraland Conference Center.

That gives us nearly 20 acres or 8 hectares to work with,  over 240m x 330m of space, making it a very large conference center even by Terran standards.

Thank you for participating!  We look forward to working together to build the premier Virtual Reality conference and meeting facility.

A Conference Center has been proposed for Decentraland

Decentraland invited people to propose themed districts in Genesis City, the 3km x 3km city at the center of Decentraland, and allowed people to contribute land parcels toward these districts.

We’ve proposed a Decentraland Conference Center.

Concept art from the Baha’i center and gardens in Second Life