DJ GPA – Beat the Beat – Sat Feb 12 – 8PM-10PM UTC

Galaxy Panda (DJ GPA) is spinning for a hot party at the Unity Cafe in the Conference Center.

Come around and lets connect! DJ GPA throws once again the best vibes around. Come and mingle, in group or single, it will be the time to let it go. On top of the fire mix, games and giveaways will be on the table for you players…and some announcements will be made… Don’t miss out! I repeat, don’t miss out!

Check our channels and follow us for more chances to win All Access:

Conference Center – Unity Cafe Location:

Unity Music Festival Nov 13 – POAP air-dropped to our guests!

We had our first Unity Festival in the Decentraland Conference Center on Nov 13. We had muscians from Brasil and Argentina.

We had a lot of people come, and we have just issued a POAP to those who came. (Thank you ‘zoo’ for the assistance)

If you came, and were logged in with a MetaMask wallet, you can see your POAP for the Festival at

If you came and did not have a metamask wallet, you may DM Carl Fravel in Discord, and we will work with you to get a copy to a new wallet.

For those that would like to see the the POAP information, you can see it here:

We plan to do Unity Festivals approximately monthly. If you are a musician or dj or in-world performer and would like to be featured, please contact us here, or reach out to Carl Fravel in Discord.

CoinFest 2020 Held Virtually in the Decentraland Conference Center

Not to be stopped easily, the CoinFest 2020 international convention moved to a virtual venue this year — Decentraland. The Decentraland Conference Center hosted the presentations on Apr 4, including:
* Chain Guardians
* Lightning Network
* Ethermon
* Introduction to Decentraland
* GeoCoin
* Orbiter 8

And of course we went dancing during the break and after the conference sessions ended….

DJ Rosa Spins Music for Dancing at the Cafe

Happy St Patrick’s Day Weekend
DJ Rosa spins music at the Conference Center Cafe
Guaranteed a Virus-free Virtual Venue!
Saturday March 14 10 AM PST = Noon CST = 6PM UTC
Sunday March 15, 3 PM PST = 5 PM CST = 11PM UTC,94&realm=hermes-xanthic
Bring your dancing shoes, and a friend!

New video of latest prototype of some Conference Center scenes

This is the latest video tour of 6 prototypes of scenes being developed for the Decentraland Conference Center, put together here on some private land in Decentraland so you can see the progress.

What’s new: The Modular Building components that IO made for me are worked in here for the first time. And for those who haven’t seen it before, I include a walk-through of all these scenes.

Initial Experiments in using JanusVR and Vesta hosting to prototype the Decentraland Conference Center

This is a scene set up by a community member in JanusVR’s Vesta hosting service, and shared here using the Vesta “embed” mechanism.

You can visit the scene on your screen by pressing the play button in the middle of it. Use the WASD keys and mouse to get around.

To see the scene full screen, click the “Popout” button in the top right.

If you want to use your VR HMD, then attach it to your computer, click on the WebVR icon that appears, and then put on your HMD.

If you click the JanusVR button in the top right, you’ll go into the native JanusVR environment/editor, or to the installer if you don’t have it installed yet.