Unity Music Festival Nov 13 – POAP air-dropped to our guests!

We had our first Unity Festival in the Decentraland Conference Center on Nov 13. We had muscians from Brasil and Argentina.

We had a lot of people come, and we have just issued a POAP to those who came. (Thank you ‘zoo’ for the assistance)

If you came, and were logged in with a MetaMask wallet, you can see your POAP for the Festival at https://app.poap.xyz/

If you came and did not have a metamask wallet, you may DM Carl Fravel in Discord, and we will work with you to get a copy to a new wallet.

For those that would like to see the the POAP information, you can see it here: https://app.poap.xyz/admin/events/first-unity-music-festival-2021

We plan to do Unity Festivals approximately monthly. If you are a musician or dj or in-world performer and would like to be featured, please contact us here, or reach out to Carl Fravel in Discord.

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