Decentraland Conference Center Preview

The construction of the Decentraland Conference Center “Minimum Viable Product” (“MVP”) is underway.

We are putting pieces and previews of it available to be visited and commented on.

Comments should be submitted to the Decentraland Conference Center Discord server’s “building” channel.

If you don’t have access to that Discord server channel, and you were a contributor of land to the Conference Center, then join our Discord server at, then take a look at the pinned messages in the announcements channel there about how to gain access to the contributor channels.

The latest prototype work is being done on some private land in Decentraland, which as of this date still requires an invitational “alpha” tester token from Decentraland.

However, I’ve posted videos of progress on YouTube
Here is one…

Older previews of prototype scenes for the conference center consist of the following “entry points” and technologies:
1. We have one large unified “build” of the whole district, running in A-Frame, with a number of different URLs providing various spawn points into the district.   All of the district land is simulated, but the models are not all in place.
2. We are now building the individual “scenes” of portions of the district, in our “sandbox”, using the Decentraland SDK.

The list below provides the URLs for these “entry points” into the A-Frame prototype of the district.
A few of the Conference Center scenes are also available as SDK previews.

  • Main Entrance from the south road. A-Frame.
  • Patio and Unity Cafe. A-Frame.
  • Lotus Temple. A-Frame.     SDK.
  • Meditation Garden. A-Frame.
  • Large Amphitheater. A-Frame.     SDK. Wait for it, it can take up to a minute or so to rez.
    It is a large model, it can take a long time to load, especially the first time you visit it..
  • Small Amphitheater. A-Frame.

These scenes can be visited in a web browser, in which case you can use the WASD keys to move, and the mouse to turn. In the A-Frame preview, you click and drag the mouse to turn. In the SDK, you need to click once on the scene to enable the controls, then you just move the mouse to turn, and Escape to exit from controls.

These scenes can also be visited in Oculus Go, in which case turn your head to look around.
In the SDK, you can lightly touch your thumb on the far edge of the touchpad on the Oculus Go controller, aiming at the ground plane grid nearby to create a jump target, then release your thumb to jump there.

Other HMDs can also be used.