Startup Plan published, vote begins soon, please register

The Startup Plan for the Conference Center has been published for those who contributed land to the Conference Center last year, in preparation for a vote on it.


If you were a land contributor, and have not already registered, please do so now, at:

You will then be given access to the Contributors channels in our Discord Server.


Leadership team for the Decentraland Conference Center assembled

The leadership team for the Decentraland Conference Center now consists of

  • Carl Fravel, District Leader and Chief Executive Officer
  • Ben Snipes, General Counsel
  • Lynette Wilson, Director of Operations and Marketing
  • Gretchen Krutz, Director of Design
  • Rob Dixon, Independent Board Member

799 Parcels of Land were contributed to the Decentraland Conference Center

By the deadline in December, over 60 people had contributed a total of 799 parcels of land to the Decentraland Conference Center.

That gives us nearly 20 acres or 8 hectares to work with,  over 240m x 330m of space, making it a very large conference center even by Terran standards.

Thank you for participating!  We look forward to working together to build the premier Virtual Reality conference and meeting facility.

A Conference Center has been proposed for Decentraland

Decentraland invited people to propose themed districts in Genesis City, the 3km x 3km city at the center of Decentraland, and allowed people to contribute land parcels toward these districts.

We’ve proposed a Decentraland Conference Center.

Concept art from the Baha’i center and gardens in Second Life