ASCEND Instructions & Directions

This page provides information about how to get to the various venues in the Decentraland Conference Center.

Conference Venues and settings

(See the schedule for times)

DestinationURL to get thereRealm
Madden Tournament Kickoff,110any
Info / Reception Booth,111&realm=fenrir-amberany,
but fenrir-amber
may be best
Grand Theater / Breakout Room 1,111any
Amphitheater / Breakout Room 2,110any
Meeting Center
Pitch Contest,113any
Career Fair
Expo Field,110See guidance below
Speaker Q&A sessions,112See guidance below
Madden Tournament,110any
Coding Esports Tournament,105any
Unity Café – Dance Party/Social/Networking,100&realm=unicorn-blueunicorn-blue

For the Speaker Q&A Sessions in the Meditation Garden, you will be able to see and chat with a speaker by following these steps:
1. Look up the speaker you want to talk to,
on this Speaker-Location-Realm spreadsheet,
2. Go to the Meditation Garden,
3. Walk to the indicated location (small numbered signs on the Japanese arches),
4. Use the changerealm command indicated in the spreadsheet.
(an explanation of realms is provide farther below)

For the Career Fair Expo, each booth has a sign indicating the changerealm command you should use to see the vendor and chat with them.
The Booths numbers are listed here.
1. Go to the Vendor Expo area.
2. Go to the booth you wish to visit
3. Use the /changerealm command as indicated on a small sign attached to the booth.

Getting Started in Decentraland
Decentraland is a virtual world you can visit in your browser.
(Chrome or Firefox are recommended)

To go to a particular location in Decentraland, you use a URL, like:,111
which may also appear like the equivalent:

The two numbers in the URL are the X (west to east) and Y (south to north) parcel coordinates of a “scene” in Decentraland

That link above, for example, is actually the link to get to the Information / Reception area in the Decentraland Conference Center, which is near the Meeting Center and Grand Theater.

When you follow such a link, you will also see some Decentraland information at the bottom of the web page, which you may wish to read to answer questions you may have, such as the benefits of having a MetaMask crypto wallet to keep track of your Decentraland Identity.

We recommend that you arrive early, or visit Decentraland ahead of the conference start time, so you can optionally get MetaMask set up, optionally obtain a permanent name, or at least set up your avatar to look as you wish. These things can take a little time. or you can just follow a destination link and arrive inworld as a guest.

What is a “realm” in Decentraland?
Decentraland scenes can accommodate hundreds of people.
However, to avoid “lag”, only groups of up to 100 people can see and chat with each other in-world. These groups are called “realms”.
For example “fenrir-amber” is one particular realm.
When you enter Decentraland without specifying a realm (like by using the links above) you will be placed into a realm automatically. Your current realm gets added at the end of the URL in your browser.
You can change to another realm by changing the realm in the URL and reloading the browser, but a much faster way is to use the “/changerealm” command in the text chat area.

Which realms are being used in the ASCEND Conference?

For the Grand Theater, Small Amphitheater and Meeting Center, we are projecting the video and presenter voices into all realms (from the respective Zoom meetings), so to accommodate large attendance, we are synchronizing the experience in all realms in these venues.