Getting Started in Decentraland

To get started in visiting Decentraland, just go to and follow the introductory flow.

If you have already installed the MetaMask crypto wallet in your browser, be sure you are logged into it, and then on the Decentraland main page, click on Play using your wallet. Your wallet address will be the basis of your permanent identity in Decentraland.

If you do not yet have MetaMask installed, you can insted just click the link to Play as guest

Either way, you can configure an avatar. You can update your avatar any time by clicking on the litte white avatar “Backback” icon in the top right of the viewer.

When you first enter Decentraland without specifying a particular location, by using this url:, you will be at the public landing spot. Look around, then jump into the pool and explore the Central Plaza, where you will find some training experiences, etc.

Once you have been to the public landing area, you can also visit links that take you directly to locations in Decentraland.

For example, here is the direct link to the main entrance to the Decentraland Conference Center:,94
or you can press Enter to open the Chat area, and type /goto 11,94

In the browser when you are in-world, you can click the “c” key to get help on the controls.

You can visit interesting and busy places and events using the Explore button in the lower right of the screen.

Decentraland has good documentaiton, too, for using and even building in Decentraland, here:

And the Decentraland community has many active Discord servers. The main one is:

You can find current and upcoming events in the Explore icon in the viewer, or here:

Jump in, explore, go to events , make friends, or even buy or rent some land and build your own scenes, experiences, games or businesses!

To inquire about using the Conference Center for your own events, Contact Us here, or in Discord. The conference center Discord link can be found below.