POAPs for Your Event


Events in Decentraland often offer “POAP” tokens to their attendees and contributors.

A POAP (Proof of Atttendance Protocol) token is an NFT that lives on a blockchain, and can be claimed by, or sent to, a person’s wallet.

A common vendor of POAPs is https://poap.xyz

You can see examples of POAPs that people have created here:

Here is an example of one of the many POAPs that was created for a Conference Center event, our inaugural session of our monthly Unity Music Festival:

How we can distribute your POAPs for an event

There are two approaches to distributing POAPs to your attendees and contributors:

  • During the event, using a POAP dispenser in the venue
  • After the event, to the attendees who visited the venue during the event.

How to get your POAP created

We can make your POAP for you, or you can make your own.

If you want to have a dispenser, we need significant lead time to get the POAP made for you. The timeline can be more relaxed for after-the-event distribution, and can even contain an image taken as a screenshot at the event. We keep track of visitors to venues, so we are able to do distrubitions of POAPs after events if desired.

Although you can also make your own POAP, we find that the POAPS often get issued more quickly if you provide us with the required information and image, and we submit the application on your behalf.

Here is the information you need to provide, either way:

  • Title (the short name or title of the event)
  • Description (More information about the event, in English. What the event is about, dates, times, venue url, etc. This will be displayed to people that see the POAP on the poap.xyz website.)
  • Start and End date of the event.
  • Expiry date (the last date someone can claim the POAP
  • The URL to YOUR website (optional)
  • The 500×500 pixel png image
  • Your email address (where you can receive information about the POAP being created)
  • We recommend that at the time of setting up a POAP we only request 25 or fewer POAPs, as this seems to automate the response. More POAPs can then be requested once the initial batch has been issued.
  • Whether the POAPs should be secret/private (not shown in the POAP site’s gallery)

Example of a POAP image

A POAP image should be a 500×500 pixel PNG file, recommended to be under 200KB.

Although the actual image file will be square, only the central circular ares will show in the POAP.xyz viewer.

Our Rates for POAPs

See our Rate Sheet