Using the Shopping Cart

The Decentraland Conference Center can present a Shopping Cart in some venues for purchasing admission or other purchasing and payment purposes.

Purchasing a Ticket Number

If you are purchasing a ticket number (aka voucher number), you may buy one or more at a time, so you can buy tickets for yourself and/or others.
* Each ticket number can only be used by one person – the first person to use it. Anyone else trying to use it later will receive an error message.
* If the person is using a wallet, the ticket number will become be associated with that wallet when they first use the ticket number.
* If they are logging in without a wallet (a “guest” in Decentraland terms), it will be associated with the Decentraland “guest” name they had chosen when they logged in, so they should only try to use it from the same browser as the first time they use it, and without flushing cache on that browser.
* It is more reliable to use a wallet for logging in to be sure that the ticket number will work reliably for more than one login.

Purchasing access for your wallet

In some cases, you may purchase access for your Ethereum wallet address (e.g. when logged in with MetaMask). This gives you access if you are logged in with that wallet, without having to enter a ticket number.
* You can only purchase wallet access for the wallet address with which you are currently logged-in.
* YOU SHOULD ONLY PURCHASE ONE WALLET-ACCESS PER WALLET. Purchasing more than one is just a waste of your money. Or perhaps a donation to the Conference Center.

Payment Methods

There will be one or more payment methods provided.

PayPal is generally offered, in which case you can either use PayPal itself, or PayPal can also handle a debit or credit card.

For some purchases, cryptocurrency (for example Decentraland MANA, or USDC or USDT) may be a payment option, if you are logged in with a wallet and you have sufficient currency of the correct type in your wallet for the purchase.

Current prices of cryptocurrencies are obtained from the api
“Data provided by CoinGecko” (thanks, CoinGecko!)