Decentraland Conference Center Contributors Have Approved Our Startup Plan

To everyone involved in the Decentraland Conference Center,
It is with great joy that we announce that the Conference Center Startup Plan has been approved in the contributors recent vote.
520 Lands were voted, out of the 799 total contributed, or 66% turnout.
100% of the votes cast were for approval of the plan.
All of the votes had valid cryptography signatures.
And…. Decentraland has now accepted the vote results.
It is of interest to note that our use of a Google Form, including a field for a cryptographically signed approval message, turned out to be successfully executed by 100% of our voters. We were able to provide this collection of messages to Decentraland as proof of our vote. Although Decentraland is preparing a voting dApp, at least some additional small to medium sized districts could use this method if their leadership is well accepted by the community and they are ready for a vote before the dApp is completed.
Here is an excerpt from Ari Meilich’s email accepting the vote results:
This is amazing, truly impressed.
We ratify the voting as well, and extend our congratulations to your team for executing so professionally.  …having an exemplary success case will go a long way.
To our contributors, and especially those who took the time to vote carefully, a big thank you. We are grateful for all the encouragement and support you have shown.
As mentioned in the Startup Plan, we have incorporated as an LLC in the state of Wyoming in the US. We are now researching the very best way to structure the form of the organization to avoid any securities or other legal issues.  We will update our contributors when the best approach is clear.
Meanwhile, it is a joy to be able to begin focusing more on building the development team and the district prototype, so we can be really ready for a Grand Opening of the Conference Center when Decentraland opens to the public.
Thanks again for all the great support.
Carl Fravel

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